Wendy Kinney

About me, humm. 
Well, I read, therefore I am.
I'm married to George--therefore I am.

We are servants to two cats: Zertia, a pedigreed Valley Girl, and Quink, an unpredictable alien.

I like fountain pens. George indulges me.
George likes trains. I do not interrupt him.
We like to cook and bake.
We collect cheesecake recipes. We have 734.

In 2009 I did a lot of traveling -- I began one morning doing a keynote in San Diego, and ended that day with breakout for CPAs in Savannah -- my reward was a Starbucks City Mug from each city.  There are 47. (Ask me about Nashville, I'll bet that taxi driver is still laughing!)

We are Aunt and Uncle to George's sister's children Leanne and Michael, and my brother's girls, Chantal and Sierra. And GREAT Aunt and Uncle to Leanne's boys Mason and Tanner.

I grew up in business.
My great-grandfathers and grandfathers owned their own businesses. My father and his brother joined their dad. When my mom changed banks and gave me the old checks and deposit slips I created a 9-year old's business fantasy world. During Mr. Sherwood's class I imagined I was at the office. When I got home I made entries in the check register.

And then I joined the real world.
In high school my job was teaching organ lessons for the Hammond Organ Company. Some of my students were five times my age, some half. I learned how to match teaching with learning.

During college I got my real estate license. I learned that systems matter for productivity; And words in order will create a predictable response. And mentors make a difference. 

After college I went the corporate route -- and learned that processes guarantee success, decisions like when to go to lunch--and with whom--make a difference, and how to be part of a team.

Then I bought a restaurant. What could I have been thinking? I learned what electricity costs, that I can't do it all myself, and what it means to have to make payroll. Two years later I started looking f



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