The Nutrition Diva

I was raised with a lot of rules: food rules, behavior rules, dating rules . . .

One of the things I like about The Nutrition Diva is her credible way of busting the myths I thought were rules.

Check out the podcast on how much water to drink. Interesting.

The Nutrition Diva is the newest guru on the Quick and Dirty Tips Network, one of my favorite resources for usable, on-the-go information.

I particularly like her because of her voice, (she is an operatic singer), the way she uses words to mean different things at the same time (her ending is "Eat something good for me."), and her pacing.

And, I like the format of the podcasts on the QDNow Network because the show notes are a complete transcript (for people who would rather read than listen) and there are often extra links in the transcript--important since I'm always driving while I'm listening.

If you haven't gotten the podcast bug yet, this might be the place to get exposed.

Enjoy ~ W!