A GateOpener Is:

A GateOpener is: a classification whose activity precedes mine. 
A real estate agent prepares a contract before the buyer hires a home inspector.

A GateOpener is: a classification whose activity coincides with mine. 
A CPA, a banker and an attorney work with their business clients at the same time.

A GateOpener has: clients whose symptoms are the same as mine.
An insurance agent's client needs a mechanic, a chiropractor and a personal injury attorney.

A GateOpener sees: their client as a whole, and does not want to be the sole provider.
A dentist who is also an optometrist and an electrician is not a GateOpener. An accounting firm that offers financial planning, IT services, and staffing services, is not a GateOpener.

A GateOpener gets: personal benefit because of my activity with the client.
A printer receives immediately usable, professional files from a graphic designer. 

A GateOpener does not: buy from me. They are not my client.
The attorney's accounts are at a different bank; the real estate agent uses a different mortgage broker for her personal home; the interior designer doesn't purchase custom cabinetry for his own office.

A GateOpener is: a classification, not an individual.
Dads and homeowners are referral resources, they're not GateOpeners. Compare brownies and chocolate chip cookies. They both have chocolate. They're both good. They're not the same. We want referrals from friends, clients and employees -- they're not GateOpener classifications.

Photo courtesy of llunàtica81