Bulls-eye Networking: The Goal

Here's how it works: you meet someone and follow through. 

The next time you see them they smile at you, and the conversation includes refreshing each other's memories about names and where you've met before. {Yes, I know, you want to think that because you followed through [once] they'll remember you forever, but . . . don't get stuck on that.}

The third or fourth time, maybe the fifth, you remember them; they stick out their hand to greet you, you're acquaintances.

And then it happens! They introduce you to a prospective client! You light up! You are so happy! They are at the Generator level. YAY! You worked and networked and got work. Celebrate!

The big question is: 
how many of these Generators and GateOpeners can you handled?
Good news, there's an answer:
150   ~  plus or minus 20.

I can be even more specific.
To have a credible claim to a referral based business you want to cultivate 60 GateOpeners. Ten people in each of six classifications = 60. 

Subtract that from Dunbar's number, and you'll have about 90 people {maybe 70 ~ maybe 110} as Generators.

GateOpeners introduce a new client every month. 
Generators refer one or two a year.
You could have a business.

Photo courtesy of Riccardo Cuppini