Doing The Hard Thing

When I saw her name on the list I knew what I should do,
I just didn't know if I
could do it.

If I hadn't, I wouldn't be sharing this with you.
This is
the first time I've ever been this brazen.

We hadn't met.
She presented at the National Speakers Association in San Diego two years ago.

Two years ago, that's a long time.

And subsequently sent me a copy of her book.
Not because she knew me,
just because my name was on the list of attendees.

There is no way she would know me,
I didn't go up to speak with her afterward,
I didn't write her a note,
I didn't make myself known to her in any way.

So I picked up the phone,
was grateful to get voicemail,
and left this message:

"Hello Elizabeth, My name is Wendy Kinney, I was in your audience when you spoke for NSA in San Diego two years ago. I see that you are speaking for the NAPO conference this Friday; I'm on the program too. The Georgia Chapter of NSA meets on Saturday, and our board dinner is Friday night. I'd love to invite you to join us, both for dinner and for our Saturday meeting. You can reach me at . . ."

Jump right to the end of the story.
I have two new friends!
Because Elizabeth called back to say she would love to join the NSA board for dinner, could she bring her hostess.

(Elizabeth lives in Souix Falls, South Dakota.
She was staying with Leslie while in Atlanta.)

Friday morning Elizabeth and I met because
we were doing back-to-back breakouts in the same room.
We shared a lav mic, and tips.

She showed me the hot pink table cover
she uses to reinforce her brand;
I showed her the ZOOM I record on.

At the break she introduced me to her Atlanta hostess Leslie,
who shook my hand while saying,

"My husband has heard you speak. He still has the handout
on his desk. He said to tell you he refers to it frequently."

In my after lunch keynote I shared with 100 women that I am shy and introverted. Across the table at dinner Elizabeth leaned forward to say

"I'm introverted too.
I'm so glad you called.
How did you make yourself do that

And then, we made arrangements to share a room in Scottsdale.

Cost: One phone call with heart in my hands.
Reward: New friend Elizabeth, new friend Leslie, and I save $225 in hotel expense!

Share with me! Share with me!
When have you done the hard thing you knew you
should do,
nd what where your wonderful rewards?

Photo courtesy of Taber Andrew Bain