GateOpeners Get A Benefit

John Fay described the process:

"When I'm working with a prospect, I look for places to find savings, so that buying life insurance doesn't take anything from their current budget."

Then John became a GateOpener:

"Steve, this is a couple that I noticed is paying too much for their home and auto insurance, I told them to get a quote from you."

Here's the GateOpener light bulb moment:

  1. John is not doing this for Steve
  2. AND he is not doing this for his client's benefit.
  3. John is referring to James SO THAT he has a sales edge.

That's a GateOpener benefit. 

When John can say to his prospects,

"Adding coverage won't mean you have to skimp on groceries -- here's where you can shift money to get more benefit."

Steve becomes an integral part of John's business.


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Photo courtesy of Porsche Brosseau