Here's What To Do With Those Business Cards In Your Upper Left Desk Drawer - Step 1

Cards are the currency of business.
Like currency, they don't grow if they're hidden in the dark.
They've got to work to bring you benefit.  
Here's the work you need to do:

1: Pull your waste bin between your knees.

2: Open your left desk drawer; the one filled with business cards held together with rubber bands.

3: Pick a card, any card, and look at it. <I'm pausing while you do this. Do it now. I'll wait.>

4: Do you remember this person? Do you remember where you met? What you talked about?

4-a: If no, pick up the phone and dial the number on the card. Odds are you'll get voice mail. Leave this message:

"Hello, my name is <insert your name here> and I'm holding your business card,
which means we've met. Unfortunately, it was so long ago that I don't remember
where, or even what we talked about. Your card has been in my upper left drawer,
and I'm about to throw it away, but it occurred to me that we must have talked about
business -- so I'd like to invite you to visit <name a business group you're a member
of; say when they meet, and where>.

Next time we meet I'll pay better attention, and follow through with you sooner.
My name is <insert your name> and my phone number is <say your number, slowly,
pausing so they can write it down> if you'd like to get in touch. Until then, best
success to you. 

4-b: If you do remember this person proceed to Here's What To Do With Those Business Cards In Your Upper Left Desk Drawer - Step 2

5: Throw the card away.

6: Repeat.

Now you're networking.
I'm proud of you.


Photo courtesy of J Aaron Farr