How To Answer A Question About Price Without Saying “It Depends”

The sales mantra is: never talk about price until you’ve established value.
Everything about referrals is the opposite of anything about sales
so the referral mantra is: the first person to talk dollars wins.

Doesn't mean it’s easy.
So you have to be prepared for the question to come up.
Prepared with an example story.

Here’s how Shay did it.

“I didn't think the information you shared at the Filling the Filing Cabinet workshop about clients asking about price would have much to do with me. My fees are hourly, and they are what they are, so before someone hires me they know how much my hourly fee is and that's that.

Ha! That VERY night I was having my first Skype consult with a client who I'm designing a kitchen for remotely. At the end of our consult she asks, ‘Can you give me just a ballpark figure for what you'd guess the cost of the kitchen cabinets and appliances will be?’

OMG. The timing was Absolutely. Perfect. *!* 

Without missing a beat I smoothly began, ‘Let me tell you about another kitchen I'm in the midst of planning right now...’ 

And the outcome was brilliant. She was obviously pleased, and followed up with a wonderful email telling me how excited she is that I'm designing her new kitchen for her. She even invited me to come up to Holland, MI & stay with her when the kitchen is done. *happy dance* 

Notice what Shay did:
1: “Without missing a beat
This is important. A lag, {pause} or filler word, {aaah} or qualifier, {well, it depends} punches holes in the bucket that’s holding your credibility.
Be prepared.

2: “Let me tell you about another kitchen
That’s exactly what they want – a real life example, so tell them. Shay might have said: 

“Sally’s kitchen has about the same number of base cabinets as yours, but two fewer upper cabinets. She chose a mid-range finish, granite countertops, and upper end appliances from Miele and Bosch. Her final total, including my time, was $28,460.”

3: “She was obviously pleased,”
You would be too! She just found out that she can afford what she wants.  And if she couldn’t afford it? Shay would rather know that now, at the beginning of the project, than six months after doing the work and 14 calls trying to get final payment.

To answer a question about price tell a story, with details.
You’re not making a promise, you’re giving an example.
How comfortable is that. 

Go make money,  W!