How To Read A Book You Want To Use

Katie Sanders just texted me asking for "only 1 book for me to tackle"

Because she used the word "tackle" I chose Harry Beckwith's very valuable Selling The Invisible.

Beckwith's genius (and he did this years before texting was available) was short segments.
Some are just half a page.
None are more than three pages.

It's important to know how to read a book like this, even if - especially if - you like to read.

First, put the book someplace where you'll see it every day.

Maybe on the kitchen counter, to look at while you're waiting for coffee to brew.
Or in the bathroom? Or by the bed? Or in the passenger seat of your car?

Then read just one new segment a day. 

An amazing thing will happen: when you’re re-reading yesterday’s segment you’ll think,
”I did that! I did that yesterday!
I’m so smart! I’m so brilliant!
I can do this!”

On the first day, read pages 3 & 4. (Well, It's page 3 and four lines on page 4.)

Next day re-read 3 & 4, 
and also read the next segment - on 4 & 5.

Day three re-read the 4 & 5 segment, 
and also 5 & 6.

Keep going like that - re-reading yesterday's segment, and adding the next one.

If you swoosh through the book (It's a great book, you'll want to swoosh. Resist.)  at the end you'll think "That was great" and two days later you won't be able to remember anything other than "It was great" and you won't put his value to use for your own benefit.

That's it.
Go now. 

Get the book.
(It's available on Kindle - read it on your phone.)

Go make money  ~  W!