The Best Client Work

It is unethical for a business to spend any marketing money or any marketing time on any other than its best clients.
— attributed to Peter Drucker

The Best Client equation is fun + profitable.

1: Begin by writing down the first names of your five all time best clients. The five who were the most fun and the most profitable.

  • If they were profitable, but cranky, they're not best.
  • And if they were fun, but in the end you made not money, they're not best.

2: Now make a grid. {I use a table in Word, Ana would use Excel, Bob used a legal pad and a mechanical pencil.}  Have six columns, with the first column three times as wide as the next five. 
In the top row of columns two, three, four, five, and six write the first names of each of your five best clients. 

3: In the second row of the first column begin writing questions. 
Your goal is to find 17 observable things that your five best clients have in common.

  • Deborah found that all five of her best clients had monogrammed accessories; key chain, purse, day planner. One had monogrammed dining room chairs!
  • All five of Keith's best clients answer email after midnight.
  • Dr. Dobalis' five best clients are all stay-at-home moms whose children are at daycare while they play tennis.

4: It's okay to have one person in each row who is an outlier -- as long as it's not the same person for every question. 

When you have 17 observable characteristics you have a composite person that represents your Best Client.


Now you can identify your GateOpeners.
Now you're ready to write great Green Cards for InfoMinutes - and you know what the Golden Cards will be. 
Now you can design a referral marketing plan..

Ready . . . set . . . go make money!

Photo courtesy of Don LaVange