Unroll.me Filters D Priority Email - in a way that's usable for me.

My email inbox was overwhelmed. I'd subscribed to 93 email newsletters - subscribed, meaning I really wanted the information they were offering - and I wasn't even close to keeping up. So I did something drastic: I got 4 new gmail addresses and transferred all of the subscriptions about speaking to the WendyKinneySpeaks address; all of the information about writing went to WendyKinneyWrites, and so on.

Since I did that I have not gone to any of those inboxes. None. Never. Not once. (Remember, this was information I wanted.)

Time moved on,  my inbox filled again with unread information I deemed valuable. And then I discovered Unroll.me. Now I get one Rollup a day. It looks like this. 


I never see individual emails that go to the Rollup. Often a day or two goes by before I click and scan. Sometimes more. Even if I don't scan a rollup before archiving it, all of the information is available to me by search. When future me is  looking for info from Cobb Chamber or TrainingMagNetwork I'll be able to find it.

Click any thumbnail to see the original. Everything works, including links.

See that blue bar at the top? Those are new subscriptions. Click on that bar and get the option to roll them up, unsubscribe, or leave them in the inbox.





Here's what that looks like:

This is the Unroll.me genius. 
There are clients who add me to their newsletter.
I don't want to offend them by unsubscribing, but, whew - how many real estate newsletters can a girl read? So I roll them up. The client or acquaintance doesn't see my unsub, and I'm not bothered by their spam.

Comfortable for both of us.

Unroll.me is ad supported. Every once in awhile there will be a bar with a sales offer, and I'm more than happy to take a look at that line in exchange for the two benefits I get from this service.

Photo courtesy of Will Lion